July 21, 2024

Vin Diesel Flaunts Three Classic Muscle Cars on Instagram for ‘Fast X Part 2’ Filming

There appear to be few things in the universe that Vin Diesel adores more than the “Fast and Furiousfranchise, and he enjoys sharing that passion with fans. Recently, he has been posting Instagram videos showcasing the behind-the-scenes action of “Fast X Part 2,” unveiling all the cars that will be making their debut — or comeback — in the series.

This journey began months ago, when it was revealed that the original Supra was making a comeback. A recent video from Diesel showcases even more vehicles making an appearance. However, this time, there’s a distinct Toretto vibe to the collection.

In the video, Diesel primarily focuses on a car carrier containing three Mopar gems: a modern Challenger, a vintage ’Cuda, and a Road Runner. Notably, the design of the Challenger bears a striking resemblance to Dom’s SRT8 from the opening of “Fast and Furious 6,” with its grey rear fenders, multi-piece wheels featuring black spokes and silver rims. Although the original SRT8 did not bear the HEMI badging along the side like the new vehicle, the similarities seem more than coincidental. It appears to be a deliberate homage, at the very least.

Next up is the Barracuda, a car that hasn’t been seen since “Furious 7.” The vehicle in Diesel’s Instagram clip closely resembles its last appearance — when Letty took the Plymouth for a spin at the still-inexplicably-named Race Wars in an attempt to trigger her amnesia-ridden memory. It’s evident that this is the same generation ’Cuda as the previous one, with matching colors and decals, although it’s unclear if the wheels in Diesel’s video are an exact match.

Surprisingly, the final vehicle on the trailer appears to be Dom’s Plymouth GTX — the 5,000-horsepower vehicle he drove during his brief stint as a villain in “Fate of the Furious.” Its return is the most surprising of all, considering that the Plymouth was a deliberate departure from Dom’s usual Dodge lineup, symbolizing his descent into darkness. It’s unexpected that he decided to keep it around.

Off the trailer, there are a few more vehicles visible. To Diesel’s left as he films, there’s a 370Z, along with what seems to be the classic Dad Remembrance Charger in the background. Beyond the Charger, there’s a black station wagon or hatchback, the identity of which is unclear — it may not even be part of the filming. Perhaps that’s the vehicle Diesel is using to grab lunch.

Diesel’s previous Instagram post teased the return of some iconic “Fast” cars, and the latest video hints at the possible comeback of vehicles from more recent movies. As “Fast X Part 2 draws to a close, we might witness flashbacks to previous installments — or uncover the secret Toretto garage where the cars accumulated over the past ten films have been stashed.

It remains to be seen if “Fast X Part 2can rival the excitement of “Tokyo Drift” as a car movie, or if Andy can once again predict the plot based on the cover art. His track record in this regard has been rather impressive.


Q: Will there be any new characters in “Fast X Part 2”?

A: As of now, details about new characters have not been officially announced.

Q: Are there any spin-offs planned for the “Fast and Furious” franchise?

A: There have been talks of potential spin-offs, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


In conclusion, Vin Diesel’s love for the “Fast and Furious” franchise is evident through his behind-the-scenes Instagram videos, showcasing the exciting lineup of cars set to appear in “Fast X Part 2.” With a mix of classic and modern vehicles making a return, fans can look forward to an action-packed continuation of the beloved series.

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