July 21, 2024

Vehicle loan prices for Big Wheels increase by 10% in May

Auto financing rates continued to climb in May as vehicle prices and financing expenses remained high. The Producer Price Index for Auto Loans rose to 156.9 in May from 155.9 in April and 142.4 in May 2023, representing a 10.2% year-on-year increase. The index tracks the auto loan rates set by financial institutions over time […]


Q: What contributes to the increase in vehicle loan prices?
A: Factors such as rising car prices and funding costs can contribute to the increase in vehicle loan prices.

Q: How can individuals mitigate the impact of rising vehicle loan prices?
A: Individuals can shop around for the best loan rates, negotiate with lenders, and consider factors such as down payments and loan terms to mitigate the impact of rising vehicle loan prices.


Vehicle loan prices have seen a significant increase in May, driven by factors such as elevated car prices and financing costs. It is important for individuals to be aware of these trends and consider their options when seeking auto financing to make informed decisions.

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