July 25, 2024

Urban sprawl in action: A single-car garage sold for $332,000

Picture: realestate.com.au

A solitary parking space in Sydney, Australia, recently changed hands for half a million Australian dollars, equivalent to $332,000. Indeed, it’s just a parking spot. The exorbitant prices mirror the strong demand for parking in sought-after urban areas and a shortage of standalone garages. A local real estate agent informed Yahoo Finance that up to 12 percent of a property’s value is tied to parking. Many leases for Sydney apartments include separate garage spaces nearby.

Stories abound of property holders purchasing apartments to lease out and retaining the parking spot for themselves. It’s also feasible for the garage and apartment to have distinct titles, leading to this particular scenario. Davide Talone, the real estate agent overseeing the transaction, told Financial Review:

“I thought $500k would be achievable. But we had to put a process in place to get to that number. We got to that number through competition.”

“I would have door knocked around 50 units. And would have door knocked about four streets which have anywhere between 20 and 50 houses in them. The ones I couldn’t get a face-to-face conversation with I revisited, door knocked a second time and left a letter saying: “We’ve tried to contact you. This is what we’re selling, if interested, please get in contact.”

“There were 10 people who were interested initially, but when we showed them the price, it boiled down to four.”

Numerous six-figure parking spaces have been exchanged in Sydney over the recent years, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Talone mentioned that his purchaser was a car aficionado, while others desired a parking space solely to enhance the value of their residence.

There’s pricy parking in other regions of the globe, but there’s usually a high-end experience associated with it. In New York City, there are slots in automated parking facilities beneath multimillion-dollar skyscrapers. The price can vary from $300,000 to $600,000. Parking in Hong Kong is a more conventional affair, where a $1.3 million parking spot comes with access to a spa and bottle service. This makes paying for parking truly worthwhile.


Q: Why are parking spaces so expensive in Sydney?

A: The high prices for parking spaces in Sydney are driven by the high demand for parking in urban areas and the limited availability of standalone garages.

Q: Who are the typical buyers of these expensive parking spaces?

A: Buyers of expensive parking spaces in Sydney range from car enthusiasts to property owners looking to increase the value of their homes.


High-priced parking spaces, like the one recently sold in Sydney, reflect the unique real estate dynamics in urban areas where demand for parking is at a premium. The trend of selling parking spaces separately from properties is likely to continue, attracting various types of buyers who value the convenience and investment potential of such assets.

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