July 25, 2024
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Uber compensates American car owners to transition to alternative transportation methods for a period of five weeks

Uber will provide $1,000 in credits to select commuters in the U.S. and Canada who opt for public and alternative transportation services over their cars for five weeks. This initiative aims to boost business and help reduce emissions.

The company has been advocating for the use of electric vehicles and has committed $800 million to assist its drivers in transitioning to EVs by 2040. Uber has also teamed up with Hertz to offer Tesla rentals to drivers in the U.S. and Europe.

Through the “One Less Car” program, Uber will choose up to 175 car owners in cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto for the five-week program starting on July 22. Participants will receive $500 in Uber credits, a $200 car rental voucher, and $300 for alternative modes of transportation.

Last year, a similar initiative in Australia saw commuters switching to walking, cycling, and ride-sharing after giving up their cars. The move aligns with the expected increase in travel and tourism this summer, with many transportation companies gearing up for heightened activity.

According to Uber, the U.S. has 233 million private vehicles, with around 80 million driven less than 10 miles per day on average.



Q: How can I participate in the “One Less Car” initiative?

A: To be eligible for the program, you need to be a car owner in select cities and commit to using alternative transportation for five weeks.


Uber’s “One Less Car” initiative offers a unique opportunity for commuters to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying credits for transportation services. By encouraging the use of public and alternative modes of transport, Uber is taking steps towards a more sustainable future.

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