July 21, 2024

Trenton Motor Group acquired by Stoneacre Motor Group

UK automotive retailer Stoneacre Motor Group has successfully acquired Trenton Motor Group, with a reported turnover of £70m.

The acquisition enhances Stoneacre’s market presence and reinforces its commitment to supporting local communities.

The sale includes the addition of Nissan, Dodge, RAM, KGM, and Citroen aftersales to Stoneacre’s Grimsby operations, along with Nissan services in Hull. Additionally, the acquisition introduces a new and used van center, as well as a standalone used car site.

This acquisition marks a significant milestone in Stoneacre Motor Group’s growth, expanding its service portfolio and reaching a wider customer base.

The company aims to re-engage with Nissan as franchise partners and looks forward to collaborating with Nissan’s management and senior team to invest in and enhance business opportunities in the Grimsby and Hull areas.

Shaun Foweather, managing director at Stoneacre Motor Group, stated: “This acquisition not only strengthens our position in the market but also reflects our commitment to supporting local economies and communities. We are pleased to welcome the employees of Trenton Motor Group and look forward to working together towards mutual success.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What brands were included in the acquisition?

The acquisition included Nissan, Dodge, RAM, KGM, and Citroen aftersales services.

2. How does this acquisition benefit Stoneacre Motor Group?

This acquisition enhances Stoneacre’s market presence and expands its service offerings to a wider customer base.


The acquisition of Trenton Motor Group by Stoneacre Motor Group signifies a significant step in the expansion and growth of the company. With the addition of new brands and services, Stoneacre aims to strengthen its position in the market and continue its support for local communities.

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