July 21, 2024
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Toyota discovers no additional misconduct in certification probe

Toyota Motor did not uncover any additional instances of misconduct in the certification applications of its vehicle models beyond those previously reported last month, the Japanese automaker announced on Friday.

The world’s leading automaker disclosed that it had informed Japan’s transport ministry of its investigation findings after reviewing the certification process for all domestic models over the last decade.

Earlier in June, Toyota and four other auto manufacturers acknowledged submitting inaccurate or manipulated data when applying for vehicle certification.

The investigation was initiated by the transport ministry following a safety test scandal at Toyota’s Daihatsu compact car unit, prompting industry-wide checks of certification practices.

Toyota reaffirmed its commitment to implementing measures in accordance with the transport ministry’s directives.

The completion of the investigation was delayed initially due to the need for further examination of issues related to vehicle emissions and fuel efficiency in the certification process.


Q: What prompted the investigation into certification practices at Toyota?

A: The investigation was initiated following a safety test scandal at Toyota’s Daihatsu compact car unit.


Despite the challenges faced during the investigation, Toyota remains dedicated to upholding transparency and compliance in its certification processes.

Reporter: Daniel Leussink; Editors: Chang-Ran Kim and Muralikumar Anantharaman

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