July 25, 2024
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Toyota constructs prototype hydrogen-fueled pizza oven

Barbecue season has officially begun, and Toyota has introduced a solution to the age-old “charcoal versus propane” debate: None of the above. The company partnered with appliance manufacturer Rinnai to create what they claim is the world’s first hydrogen-powered stone oven. Additionally, they developed a small hydrogen-burning barbecue for those who may not be professional chefs.

Creating a hydrogen-powered cooker was a unique challenge for Rinnai, a brand with a century-long history. Since there are no existing safety standards for such a product, Toyota collaborated with them to ensure the technology’s safety. Drawing from their experience with hydrogen-powered cars, Toyota and Rinnai implemented advanced safety features in the oven.

Utilizing technology from the Mirai, the oven incorporates a hydrogen supply and monitoring system similar to that of Toyota’s vehicles. Its design also includes a control system from Rinnai’s furnaces. While specific details on its operation are scarce, Toyota mentions that hydrogen combustion with oxygen produces steam, resulting in efficient cooking. Visually resembling a traditional pizza oven, the stone oven is movable on wheels.

To test the oven’s capabilities, Toyota’s employees have been baking pizzas and croissants. Although the brand has not shared its recipe, they claim that cooking with hydrogen enhances the flavor of food, particularly vegetables and mushrooms, by retaining moisture and taste.

In addition to showcasing the benefits of hydrogen cooking, Toyota aims to promote hydrogen usage in everyday life to pave the way for a hydrogen-powered society. While it remains uncertain if the hydrogen-powered stone oven will reach the market, Toyota has already utilized the barbecue at motorsport events, such as the WRC Rally Challenge.


1. Is cooking with hydrogen safe?

Yes, Toyota and Rinnai have implemented rigorous safety measures to ensure the hydrogen-powered cooking appliances are safe to use.

2. Can the hydrogen-powered stone oven be used indoors?

As with any cooking appliance, it is recommended to use the stone oven in a well-ventilated outdoor area to prevent the accumulation of hydrogen gas.


Toyota’s collaboration with Rinnai to create hydrogen-powered cooking appliances marks a significant step towards promoting sustainable energy solutions. While the market availability of these innovative products remains uncertain, their potential to revolutionize the culinary industry is evident.

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