July 21, 2024
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Tony Roma to take over as Corvette chief following Tadge Juechter’s departure

Tony Roma is set to take on the role of executive chief engineer for the Corvette program, alongside Chevrolet’s new Global Performance Cars team, starting in July following the retirement of current boss Tadge Juechter, General Motors revealed on Friday. Roma has previous experience working on the Corvette program and has also been involved with various Cadillac projects such as the ATS, CTS, Celestiq, and both Blackwings.

“As a car enthusiast and racer, I have a strong connection to the Corvette team and our worldwide fan base,” Roma stated. “I have participated in a wide range of events alongside our customers, including road racing, auto cross, road rally, car shows, and drag racing. I understand the importance of ensuring the car resonates with our customers and meets their expectations.”

For those concerned about Roma’s personal preferences affecting his professional decisions, it may be reassuring to know that his collection includes a C4 ZR1, C6 ZR1, C8 Z06, and a CTS-V Wagon, with plans to add a C8 ZR1. He is GM’s most qualified test driver and is authorized to drive on the Nürburgring circuit during Industry-Pool sessions.

“I approach this opportunity with immense respect for the legacy of the Corvette, dating back to the first-generation model in the 1950s up to the present day,” Roma expressed. “Corvette has solidified its place in American automotive history thanks to the dedication of individuals like Tadge Juechter. While filling his shoes is a significant responsibility, we are committed to upholding the esteemed reputation of this iconic nameplate.”

Juechter has been a key figure in GM Performance since taking on the role of chief engineer for Corvette in 2006. Over his 47-year career at General Motors, Juechter has played a pivotal role in shaping the Corvette program and has been a prominent figure in the industry.


Q: When will Tony Roma assume his new role as executive chief engineer for the Corvette program?

A: Tony Roma is expected to take on his new position in July following the retirement of current boss Tadge Juechter.


With Tony Roma at the helm of the Corvette program, alongside Chevrolet’s Global Performance Cars team, the future of the iconic American sports car looks promising. Roma’s passion for cars and racing, combined with his extensive experience, makes him well-equipped to carry on the legacy of the Corvette and continue delivering exceptional performance vehicles to enthusiasts worldwide.

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