July 21, 2024

This Week’s QOTD Roundup: Classic Cars, Surprisingly Satisfying Features, and Unattractive Engine Compartments

Could this be considered the most affordable vehicle in the United States, or perhaps the most economical car to maintain?
Photograph: Mitsubishi

The most inexpensive brand-new automobile currently available in the United States is the Mitsubishi Mirage, priced at a reasonable $18,000. Some might refer to this as a steal, given that it provides you with a new vehicle, various vibrant color options, and ample room for all your aspirations. Despite being the most affordable new car in the country, could the Mirage be the most budget-friendly new car that you could realistically live with? – Owen Bellwood Discover More


Q: How does the Mitsubishi Mirage compare to other budget-friendly cars?

A: The Mitsubishi Mirage is often considered one of the most cost-effective options in its class, offering decent value for its price.

Q: Are there any notable drawbacks to owning a Mitsubishi Mirage?

A: Some potential downsides of the Mitsubishi Mirage include its modest performance and basic interior features.


The Mitsubishi Mirage may be the most affordable new car in America, but whether it is the most practical choice for daily living is a decision that each individual must make based on their unique needs and preferences.

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