July 21, 2024

This Week’s Car Buying Roundup Features Ugly Corvettes and $19 a Month Leaf Lease Deals

Image: Bring A Trailer

Lincoln has shifted its focus from sedans to luxury SUVs and crossovers, following the lead of parent company Ford. The tenth-generation Continental, introduced in the 2017 model year, was the brand’s final sedan. Unfortunately, it was not well-received. However, before discontinuing the model, Lincoln produced a limited edition variant known as the Coach Door Edition. Only 230 units were ever manufactured, and one of these exclusive Coach Door Continentals is currently available for purchase on Bring A Trailer. – Lawrence Hodge Find out more


1. How many Coach Door Edition Lincoln Continentals were produced?

Only 230 units of the Coach Door Edition Lincoln Continentals were ever made.

2. Where can I purchase the Coach Door Edition Lincoln Continental?

You can find the Coach Door Edition Lincoln Continental for sale on Bring A Trailer.


The Coach Door Edition of the Lincoln Continental offers a glimpse into the brand’s dedication to luxury and exclusivity. With only 230 units ever manufactured, owning one of these rare vehicles is a unique opportunity. Visit Bring A Trailer to explore the availability of this special edition Continental.

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