July 21, 2024

This Week’s Beyond Cars Roundup Features Delivery Drone Target Practice and Blimp Bathrooms

Photo: Honda

I am considering abandoning cars. I am fatigued by driving, and I no longer wish to contend with them. No, I am not tendering my resignation and relocating to Amsterdam to cycle and vociferate about automobile mentality. It recently dawned on me that whenever I need to commute, I have been opting for my motorcycle helmet over my car keys. Despite the scorching heat of summer in Atlanta, whenever I go grocery shopping, I choose to ride the motorcycle. When I departed to visit my parents, I selected the motorcycle. There is just something about motorcycles that renders travel so much more pleasurable compared to being in a car. – Collin Woodard Read More


1. Can I use a motorcycle for daily commuting?

Yes, many people use motorcycles for their daily commutes due to their convenience and efficiency.

2. Are motorcycles more cost-effective than cars?

In general, motorcycles tend to be more cost-effective in terms of fuel consumption and maintenance compared to cars.

3. Is riding a motorcycle safe?

Riding a motorcycle can be safe if proper safety precautions are taken, such as wearing protective gear and obeying traffic laws.


In conclusion, the allure of motorcycles for daily transportation is undeniable. The sense of freedom and enjoyment they provide surpasses that of driving a car for many individuals. While cars may have their place, the preference for motorcycles for commuting is a trend that continues to grow.

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