July 14, 2024

This C5 Corvette Exudes Classic Boomer Vibes


The C5 Corvette was the first all new Vette in over a decade. With its small block V8s, sleek design and serious performance, it showed that the Corvette was ready to take on the world’s best. Now, 20 years after production ended, C5s have started to show up with some interesting…you know what? I’m not even going to sugar coat it. C5s are showing up as abominations. Take this example I found for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

Listed by an El Paso, Texas dealership called Azteca Motors, this C5 would be fine in any other setting. It’s a 2000 and it has just 52,000 miles on it. Not bad. That price would only be good though if you hadn’t seen this thing first. The dealer describes it using words and terms like “pristine”, “collectors item” and “one of a kind beauty.”

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