July 14, 2024

The Top Cars Our Fathers Owned During Our Childhood

Photo: Mazda

I’ve never really considered my father to be a car enthusiast, however looking back, he owned some impressive vehicles. From a Jeep CJ5 and a Camaro to a B210 and a TJ, his collection also included three different models of Miatas – two red NAs and a green NC.

He cherished these cars and even attempted to teach me how to drive a manual transmission in one of them. I recall him joking that he had to sell the first Miata because my mom thought it was “too much fun.” In retrospect, it wasn’t a kind gesture!

Whether he was actively driving a Miata or simply discussing the prospect of purchasing another one, these cars were always on his mind. Even now, he talks about acquiring another Miata when he’s feeling clear-minded, dreaming of the day he can hit the road again.

A few years ago, I relocated to Traverse City to be closer to my father. It’s a picturesque location perfectly suited for a Miata, with its winding roads through the woods and expansive beaches. As I approach the age he was when he got his first Miata, I try to envision what his daily commute to teach 8th grade history was like, ending the day with a beer and some Aretha Franklin on the stereo during the drive home to our family.

It’s challenging to truly grasp his experiences during those times – what he felt and pondered. Last year, I bought him a detailed model of an NA Miata to display at home, but he may not even remember it. Perhaps it’s time to take him out for a ride in a real one.

Written by Rory Caroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Did your dad have a favorite Miata?

A: Yes, he particularly loved the red NAs he owned.

Q: How did your dad react when you bought him the model Miata?

A: He was appreciative, but due to his memory loss, he may not remember it now.


Reflecting on my dad’s love for Miatas and the memories associated with them has been a nostalgic journey. Despite his current condition, I hope to create new moments by taking him for a ride in a Miata once again.

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