July 14, 2024
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The Range Rover Sport SV Celestial Collection brings celestial and mythological inspiration down to Earth

When you’re a house of brands that compares itself to fashion labels, you can’t wait for refresh cycles to come up with new looks. That’s how we’re getting another series of limited-edition Range Rovers, this time based on the Sport SV. The Celestial Collection looks to inward to Earth, backward to mythology, and outward to space, cuing its special colors, exclusive options combinations, and unique details off Earth’s mythological name of Gaea, the Titaness Theia, Jupiter’s moon Io, the Vega star in the Lyra constellation, and that old Sol, the sun. Range Rover didn’t say how many of each it planned to build, expect a healthy premium over the standard SUV, though.

Starting with Gaea, this one’s drenched in Green Terre Matte paint contrasted with a Narvik Black roof and Narvik Black mirrors. Two-tone model script in Graphite Atlas with a Narvik Black outer alerts outsiders to something special, as do the satin forged carbon fiber exhaust finishers and carbon bronze calipers. The Caraway Windsor leather interior come with seats that bear an embossed abstract design representing a wave smashing against the land. Natural Brown Silver Birch lends its wood for the trim accents.

Theia, the Titaness daughter of primeval deities Uranus and Gaea who represented the sky and the Earth, is “associated with sight and shimmering light.” Her themed Range interprets that as “Theia’s watchful eye, the moon’s craters, or a constellation.” An exterior in Ilmenite Grey Satin with a touch of metallic flake connects to the moon, the Ebony and Pimento Windsor leather interior looks to the darkness beyond. The contrast gets doubled with Pimento seat trim and floor mat binding, and satin forged carbon fiber finishers on the center console. The package sits on 23-inch champagne gold wheels in front of black brake calipers.

Io, that sulfuric ball of volcanoes in Jupiter’s orbit, inspired SV Bespoke designers to come up with this iridescent Cyllene Gloss exterior color. Accents come in twill gloss carbon fiber, found on the hood, script badging, exhaust finishers, and even the 23-inch wheels come in the stuff, hiding silver brake calipers. This one gets an Ebony and Lunar leather interior, with more satin twill carbon fiber for the seatbacks and seat collar bezels.

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