July 25, 2024

The Process of Building an 800 Horsepower, 10,000 RPM Miata

So you’re interested in a racing car? Great choice. Oh, you prefer an Mazda Miata? Traditional selection, they have a fantastic aftermarket and— oh, you want it rapid, right? Well, achieving that can be a bit challenging with that frame, but it’s definitely doable. Here, I’ll provide you with a useful guide on creating 800 horsepower at over 10,000 RPM.

This Miata built for time attacks spotted at Virginia International Raceway by Larry Chen avoids using a turbocharger or supercharger on the original engine and opts for something more intriguing: an engine swap. However, instead of the common LS swap, builder Joshua Briggs of Briggs Motorsports decided to go a different route — installing a K24 engine with an extremely massive turbo under the modified hood of the Mazda.

Turbo K24-powered Time Attack Frankenstein Miata, Capable of 200mph

Briggs states that the Miata achieved 800 wheel horsepower on a dyno, but experienced slippage while doing so — suggesting that the actual power output might be even higher. The engine is completely rebuilt, the gearbox is sequential, and the rear end is from a CTS-V; all of these components are essential to reach such high figures.

In addition to the CTS-V rear end, there’s a touch of American influence in this Miata. The radiator is an aftermarket part for a Ford Falcon, the alternator is from a Chevy Blazer, and the idler pulley is Dodge — encompassing all three major American automakers.

You might question the necessity of 800 horsepower at 10,000 RPM on the track, but I urge you to watch the video. Those bursts of flames erupting from the hood-mounted exhaust? Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought. Let’s not dwell on the need. This is a desire, and it’s something that I am incredibly eager to experience.


Q: Can any Mazda Miata be modified to achieve 800 horsepower?

A: Not every Mazda Miata can be modified to reach 800 horsepower as it requires significant engine modifications and enhancements that may not be feasible for all models.

Q: Is building an 800-horsepower Miata expensive?

A: Building an 800-horsepower Miata can be quite expensive due to the cost of high-performance parts and the labor involved in the modification process.


In conclusion, transforming a Mazda Miata into an 800-horsepower, 10,000 RPM beast is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. With the right modifications and a creative approach, builders like Joshua Briggs have been able to achieve incredible power figures on this platform. While not every Miata owner may aspire to reach such extreme levels of performance, the passion and dedication put into projects like this showcase the limitless possibilities in the world of automotive customization.

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