July 25, 2024

The Most Terrible Car Ads Ever Made

Do you recall when Lexus enlisted artificial intelligence to compose an entire car commercial for them, and it turned out to be just as lackluster as everyone anticipated? This occurred not during the recent (exaggerated) AI frenzy, but rather all the way back in 2018, utilizing IBM’s Watson. This serves as a prime illustration of a subpar advertisement, and I have…

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  • What was Lexus’ approach to creating a car commercial using AI?
  • When did Lexus employ IBM’s Watson for this task?
  • What is the general sentiment on the outcome of the AI-generated commercial?


In essence, the use of artificial intelligence in creating a car commercial for Lexus back in 2018 did not yield the anticipated results. The lackluster outcome serves as a cautionary tale in utilizing AI for creative endeavors, highlighting the importance of human creativity and intuition in crafting compelling advertisements.

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