July 21, 2024
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The Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck: A Powerful Electric Race Truck Built for Pikes Peak

Ford provided a glimpse of its Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck a few weeks ago, but today we have photos of it in full race trim along with some impressive specs.

The SuperTruck is a unique pickup EV racecar with three electric motors generating 1,400 horsepower. The goal is to break the 8 minutes 47.682 seconds record set by Romain Dumas in a van last year.

The aerodynamic features of the SuperTruck are extreme, with various elements contributing to 6,000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph. It boasts carbon ceramic brakes, magnesium forged wheels, and Pirelli P-Zero tires, along with a custom in-board suspension design.

The striking Ford Performance livery will make the SuperTruck easily recognizable as it tackles Pikes Peak on June 23. Built in collaboration between Ford Design and STARD Advanced Research and Development, every aspect of this vehicle is optimized for the challenging terrain of Pikes Peak.


What is the horsepower of the Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck?

The SuperTruck boasts 1,400 horsepower from three electric motors.

Who will be driving the SuperTruck at Pikes Peak?

Romain Dumas will be piloting the SuperTruck in an attempt to break the current record.


The Ford Pikes Peak F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is a true marvel of engineering, designed to push the limits of performance and aerodynamics. With its eye-catching design and impressive specs, it promises to be a formidable contender at the upcoming race. Stay tuned for more updates on this exceptional vehicle.

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