July 14, 2024

The complete Bakersfield Hells Angels Chapter taken into custody

Two members of the Hells Angels Ventura 81, California, US, 8th May 1984.
Photo: Express / Stringer (Getty Images)

Biker gangs may be a common theme in entertainment where rugged, daring individuals ride stylish motorcycles, but in reality, they are far from glamorous. Groups such as the Hells Angels are recognized as criminal enterprises and have been implicated in numerous illegal activities. If you’re curious about the extent of their criminal history in California, you can explore this dedicated Wikipedia page. However, recent reports from the Guardian reveal the recent arrest and charges brought against the entire Bakersfield Hells Angels chapter.

Contrary to expectations of a large-scale operation targeting dozens of individuals, the entire Bakersfield chapter comprises only seven members. With one member, Joshua Vaughn, already incarcerated at the time of the arrests, law enforcement apprehended six individuals: Ricardo Alvarez, Armando Villasenor, Joseph Soto Sr, Joseph Soto Jr, Joshua Zavala, and John Seeger.

The charges leveled against this group go far beyond minor infractions like traffic violations or failure to wear proper safety gear. The extensive list of accusations includes offenses such as kidnapping, armed robbery, making criminal threats, unlawful confinement, firearm-related assaults, gang participation, conspiracy to commit crimes, and witness intimidation or tampering, in addition to elder abuse. During the execution of eight search warrants in Bakersfield, authorities seized approximately 25 firearms, ammunition, and numerous magazines.

The potential consequences faced by the accused individuals remain uncertain, but it is likely that they will be incarcerated for a significant period, particularly if they have prior felony convictions. The recent events raise questions about the prevalence of alleged gang activities within law enforcement agencies, as highlighted by concerns regarding deputy gang allegations within the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.


Q: Are all Hells Angels chapters involved in criminal activities?

A: While not all chapters may be engaged in criminal behavior, there have been instances of illegal activities associated with various Hells Angels groups.

Q: What should the public do if they suspect criminal involvement by a biker gang?

A: If you have information or suspicions regarding criminal activities involving biker gangs, it is advisable to report them to local law enforcement authorities.


The recent arrests of members of the Bakersfield Hells Angels chapter shed light on the serious criminal allegations and charges faced by individuals associated with such groups. These events underscore the ongoing efforts to combat organized crime and uphold the rule of law within communities. It is essential for law enforcement agencies and the public to remain vigilant against criminal activities and work together to ensure a safer society for all.

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