July 14, 2024
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The Baby Names Inspired by Cars in 2021

The team at Scrap Car Comparison decided to have a bit of fun by scanning the American Social Security Administration’s rolls of baby names and those of the U.K.’s Office of National Statistics to find the most- and least-popular names for newborns that are also names of cars. While naming a child after a car may not be the best idea, it’s interesting to see the correlation.

Some of the names on the list may not necessarily be directly connected to cars. For example, Hudson Motor Co. went out of business in 1954, so naming a child Hudson may not have been in reference to the car manufacturer. Similarly, Tucker only produced a limited number of cars in the 1940s, so the name could have other origins. However, there are certainly cases where the names do align with cars.

For girls, the top name is Nova, which might be better associated with a dazzling interstellar event rather than a 1960s economy car.

Maverick, a popular boy’s name, may not be directly linked to the pickup truck, but rather to the blockbuster Tom Cruise movie. Cooper, a last-name-turned-first-name, has historical roots in the trade of wheel-making, which is solidly vehicular.

Names like Lincoln, possibly inspired by the Great Emancipator, and Genesis, potentially derived from the book of Genesis, may have non-automotive origins. The reasons behind naming a child a certain name can vary.

Leon, meaning lion in Spanish, was also used as a car name by the Spanish company SEAT. Boys named Leon likely have the name for reasons beyond just the car association.

Below is a list of the most popular car-related baby names:

Most common car names for boys 

Most common car names for girls 

Here is the list of least-popular car-related baby names:

Most unique car names for boys 

Most unique car names for girls 

Names like Studebaker Avanti, Wraith, and Hemi may not be common choices for baby names due to their unique or spooky associations.

If you have a car-related baby name in mind that you’d like to see on these lists, feel free to share it in the comments below!




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