July 14, 2024
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The Autoblog Miata Index: Sales of the 2024 Mazda Miata

Welcome to the Autoblog Miata Index — the ultimate measure of Mazda Miata sales in 2024. Why are we doing this? Simply because we love Miatas and believe that the number of True Believers™ buying them is a reflection of the enthusiast spirit. Let’s dive into the numbers for April.

Sales Figures

April 2024 Miata sales:

  • Mazda Miata: 368 (-33.5%)
  • Mazda Miata RF: 493 (+19.1%)
  • Total: 861 (-11%)

YTD 2024 Miata sales:

  • Mazda Miata: 825 (-56.5%)
  • Mazda Miata RF: 1,447 (-12.9%)
  • Total: 2,272 (-36.1%)

Despite the slow start, the Miata RF model saw a boost in sales in April compared to the previous year. The overall market trend is not a scientific indicator but offers a glimpse into the enthusiast community’s preferences. The Miata RF continues to outperform the convertible variant in 2024, indicating a specific consumer choice.

2023 was a successful year for the Miata, with a significant sales increase. However, 2024 seems to be challenging, with lower projected sales figures. Updates to the 2024 Miata, such as an improved differential and enhanced infotainment system, aim to enhance the driving experience. Despite these upgrades, sales may be impacted by production changes.


Q: Are the sales figures a reliable indicator of the Miata’s popularity?

A: While sales numbers provide insights, they are not the sole measure of the Miata’s appeal. Factors like market trends and consumer preferences also influence sales.


As we track Miata sales in 2024, it’s evident that the roadster faces challenges in maintaining its momentum from the previous year. The updates to the 2024 model offer improved features, but the market conditions may impact sales performance. Stay tuned for more updates on the Miata Index!

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