July 21, 2024

The Aston Martin Valiant: A Valor that Excels with Minimalism

Were you one of the lucky 110 individuals who managed to acquire an Aston Martin Valour? Did you discover that its 715-horsepower twin-turbo V12 and manual transmission were too conventional and practical for your taste, lacking the excitement needed for your time on the track? Not to worry. Aston has a new offering: The Aston Martin Valiant, reserved for the first 38 callers only.

The Valiant refines the Valour’s concept, reportedly based on feedback from Fernando Alonso himself — Alonso was reportedly unimpressed by the Valour and requested something lighter and more track-oriented from Aston’s engineers. This led to the creation of the Valiant, incorporating carbon, magnesium, and meticulous construction to reduce weight while boosting the Valour’s engine by an additional 20 horsepower, totaling 735 horses. The vehicle is equipped with Multimatic dampers for a more track-focused setup.

Photo: Aston Martin

Although you may never get the chance to experience these horses personally, Aston Martin has not disclosed an MSRP for the Valiant, as all 38 units have already been sold. Following its full unveiling at Goodwood, encountering one outside of a climate-controlled investment garage is highly unlikely.

From an aesthetic standpoint, the Valiant is a work of art. Aston Martin excels in proportions and silhouettes, with the added wing providing a touch of visual appeal over the Valour. The rear diffuser also injects a sense of racing aggression.

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Photo: Aston Martin

However, the Valiant takes a step back in some aspects compared to its sibling. One of the Valour’s standout features was its ’70s-inspired front end, which is now absent, replaced by a grille that lacks the distinctive Aston Martin heritage. While the company claims inspiration from the V8 RHAM/1, the classic Aston grille shape is notably missing.

The Valiant is a swifter and lighter version of the Valour, with improved aesthetics in some areas but drawbacks in others. Witness its ascent at Goodwood, and perhaps a YouTuber will showcase a drive in the future. Beyond that, admire it as a piece of art.


Q: Will there be more Valiant models produced in the future?

A: Aston Martin has not announced any plans for additional Valiant production beyond the initial 38 units.


In conclusion, the Aston Martin Valiant offers a unique blend of performance and design elements, catering to a select group of enthusiasts. While it may not be accessible to all, its presence in the automotive world as a limited-edition marvel is undeniable.

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