July 14, 2024

The A290 Electric Hot Hatch by Alpine: A Vehicle That Improves Your Driving Skills

If you’re looking for a stylish electric vehicle, your choices are currently quite limited and mainly revolve around the Hyundai Ioniq 5N. However, Alpine, the French automaker, aims to change this with the introduction of its new A290 EV, boasting 220 horsepower, a retro aesthetic, and an integrated driving coach to enhance your skills.

The A290 made its debut in 2023 and bears a strong resemblance to the recently launched Renault 5 EV, sharing many components with it. However, the Alpine model is reportedly wider and features a longer track, catering to enthusiasts seeking a more performance-oriented driving experience.

Highlighted by its bold design compared to its Renault 5 counterpart, the A290 appeals to performance enthusiasts with its increased power, quicker acceleration, and the included driving coach system.

An angular and aggressive design.
Image: Alpine

The A290 will feature a new coaching feature at its core, aimed at educating owners on “how to master their vehicle,” as stated by Alpine in a press release. Utilizing telemetrics, the car will identify areas for driver improvement and provide feedback for enhancement. Alpine elaborates:

Designed for self-paced learning, this module covers fundamental driving techniques for sports cars, such as visual tracking, trajectory management, and braking methods. As you progress, the lessons advance to more complex topics like drift management during deceleration.

To put your skills to the test, the Alpine A290 also includes a series of challenges aimed at assessing your agility, power, and endurance behind the wheel. Acceleration challenges are conducted on closed circuits and race tracks, while endurance trials can be completed on regular roads and highways, according to the French manufacturer.

An image showcasing the interior of the Alpine A290.

Driving metrics displayed on the 10.1-inch display.
Image: Alpine

Would you appreciate this feature in your new electric hot hatch? Many vehicles come equipped with more power and performance than the average driver can handle, so tools like this could be beneficial.

Undoubtedly, the finalized production version of the new A290 is a remarkable machine. Its striking angular and retro design, coupled with distinctive Alpine elements on the lighting and wheel arches, set it apart from its Renault sibling.

Furthermore, the Alpine A290 boasts impressive specifications to validate its status as an electric hot hatch. The top-tier GT Performance and GTS models offer 220 horsepower, a 52 kWh battery pack, and rapid charging capabilities up to 100kW at DC charging stations.

An image showcasing the interior of the Alpine A290.

A blend of fun and functionality.
Image: Alpine

Featuring a sleek interior centered around a 10.1-inch display, the Alpine A290 provides detailed driving data such as lap times, g-forces, acceleration metrics, and braking performance.

It’s a charming vehicle that is sure to turn heads as it hits the streets, especially after showcasing its prowess demonstrating on the arctic landscape.