July 25, 2024
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The 2025 BMW M5: Enhanced, Electrified, and Still Gas-Powered

With the most recent version of the standard 5 Series now officially available, BMW has shifted focus to the lineup’s iconic flagship model. Introducing the 2025 BMW M5, boasting 717 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque from an electrified M-Hybrid plug-in hybrid powertrain. Yes, that’s right — BMW’s midsize powerhouse now features a substantial battery, resulting in additional weight.

Of the 717 horsepower, 577 is generated by the M5’s S68 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged V8, with the rest coming from the integrated electric motor in the eight-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is now standard on all M5 models, allowing for a 0-60 sprint in just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 190 mph (with the optional M Driver’s package). The V8’s peak torque is available from 1,800 RPM to 5,400 RPM, while peak power is just before 6,500 RPM. The V8’s exhaust features continuously variable flaps for real-time adjustments to the exhaust note.

The 14.8-KWh (usable) battery offers approximately 25 miles of electric range and can be charged at up to 7.4 kilowatts, making it suitable for a level 2 home setup. However, the addition of electrification comes with a price — literally and figuratively. The new M5 weighs in at 5,390 pounds, surpassing its predecessor by 1,000 pounds. Despite the increase in weight, BMW is not alone in this trend, as other competitors are also moving towards electrification in their high-performance models.

To enhance the PHEV aspect, BMW has introduced a “Boost Control” feature that allows for maximum acceleration at a moment’s notice. This feature operates between 20 and 90 miles per hour and is activated by holding down the left-hand shift paddle for more than one second and then pressing the accelerator.

Although the M5 may be heavy, BMW assures that it is designed for track performance. The suspension setup is unique to the M5, featuring M-specific adaptive dampers and lightweight components. The M5 also sports robust tires — 285/40ZR20s in the front and 295/35ZR21s in the rear, as well as six-piston front calipers and single-piston rear calipers for braking power.

While the interior of the M5 is largely borrowed from the i5 and standard 5 Series, there are M-specific elements such as the wheel, console, and control panel. The 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 14.9-inch touchscreen remain consistent across the lineup. The 2025 M5 will be priced at $120,675 (including destination) upon its release later this year.


Q: What is the horsepower of the 2025 BMW M5?

A: The 2025 BMW M5 boasts 717 horsepower.

Q: What is the electric range of the M5’s battery?

A: The 14.8-KWh battery offers approximately 25 miles of electric range.


The 2025 BMW M5 represents a significant leap forward in performance and technology for the iconic model. With its electrified powertrain and track-focused design, the M5 continues to set the bar for high-performance sedans. Despite its weight increase, BMW has tailored the M5 to deliver exceptional driving dynamics and a thrilling experience for enthusiasts.

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