July 25, 2024
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Testing the Toyota Land Cruiser’s Cargo Capacity: How much luggage can it fit?

From a physical standpoint, the Toyota Land Cruiser and 2024 Lexus GX are essentially identical vehicles. The variations are mainly superficial. This similarity extends to the interior as well, with seating positions and essential aspects like air vent placements being the same. However, the Land Cruiser only offers two rows of seating, accommodating five passengers, while the GX can be configured with either two or three rows.

There are specific reasons behind these configurations. The GX Premium and Luxury trims come standard with a three-row setup, whereas the Overtrail trim is two-row, catering to overlanders who prioritize cargo space over an additional row of seating. Lexus has received feedback regarding this decision, hinting at a potential three-row option for the Overtrail in the future. On the other hand, the Land Cruiser’s hybrid powertrain necessitates a two-row configuration due to space constraints caused by the battery placement. This limitation also applies to the upcoming three-row 2025 Toyota 4Runner with a hybrid powertrain.

The image on the left shows the Land Cruiser, while the one on the right displays the GX Premium+ with the third row removed.

Upon closer inspection, one can observe that the two areas exhibit differences.

The battery placement raises the floor height by 4 inches, resulting in an elevated platform.

The third-row configuration on the GX Premium raises the load floor compared to the two-row Overtrail, albeit subtly. The design differences impact the load space usability.

The cargo space comparison reveals an advantage for the GX with its 40.2 cubic feet behind the second row compared to the Land Cruiser’s 37.5 cubic feet.

Although the stage platform offers limited enclosed storage, its utility is debatable.

Now, let’s proceed with the luggage loading.

In each Luggage Test, I employ a standard set of suitcases and bags to gauge cargo space. These include two midsize roller suitcases, two black roll-aboard suitcases, a smaller green roll-aboard, and an elegant overnight bag.

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