July 21, 2024

Tesla’s Dog Mode Appears to Be Completely Broken

Photo: Tesla

Electric cars adore pets.  Tesla boasts Dog Mode, Rivian showcases Camp Mode, even Ford has developed a similar system. Regulating the temperature inside a vehicle consumes a negligible amount of power compared to its actual operation — ensuring your pets stay cool while you run errands on a hot day is almost cost-free feature in terms of energy consumption. However, this changed when Tesla rolled out an update that completely malfunctioned Dog Mode without any prior notice.

A Tesla Model Y owner who is a dog parent realized the issue last week when a notification on their phone alerted them that Dog Mode had malfunctioned while their dog was inside the rapidly heating car. Subsequent use of the air conditioning later that day revealed further issues, prompting the owner to contact Tesla for assistance.

In response to the owner’s complaint, Tesla stated that the problems with Dog Mode were a “known characteristic of the current firmware,” acknowledging that the latest over-the-air update caused “a firmware issue with Dog Mode” and advised owners to “refrain from using Dog Mode for the time being.”

The owner who reported the problems mentioned they were using firmware version 2024.20.1, which is no longer the most recent Tesla firmware — the newer version 2024.20.3 does claim to have updates related to the HVAC system, but the release notes do not specify any changes to Dog Mode. While Tesla claims that “the A/C cools the cabin down faster” in the latest firmware release, it remains to be seen if this effectively resolves the issues with Dog Mode.

If you own a Tesla Model Y, it might be prudent to wait for further updates on this issue before relying on Dog Mode to ensure your pet’s safety. For now, it’s best to keep your furry companion by your side. This will also strengthen your bond with them in the meantime.

h/t Road & Track

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