July 21, 2024

Tesla is the Only Automaker Not Seeing Strong EV Sales

Photo: Tesla

Lately, it appears there has been a great deal of despair and doom and gloom surrounding electric vehicle (EV) sales. Despite the continual decrease in prices, the market has not expanded as anticipated by automakers. This has led many to redirect their focus towards hybrid vehicles instead. However, recent data indicates that the EV market, on the whole, is not experiencing a decline. The main issue lies with Tesla.

Sales data from April, gathered by Automotive News, indicates that the growth in the EV market is surpassing that of vehicles overall. Electric vehicle sales saw a 14 percent increase, which is a positive sign. However, when excluding Tesla from the equation, non-Tesla EV sales experienced a significant 69 percent growth during the same period. Impressive. According to Automotive News:

U.S. electric-vehicle registrations rose 14 percent in April after a lackluster first quarter, thanks to automaker incentives in excess of $10,000 on some models. But Tesla’s numbers continued to fall sharply and its share of the EV segment dropped below 50 percent, according to new-vehicle data from S&P Global Mobility.

New Tesla registrations fell 17 percent in April, marking three consecutive months in the red. Tesla’s share of the U.S. EV segment dropped to 46.3 percent in April from 63.8 percent a year earlier, S&P Global Mobility said.

Excluding Tesla from the April data, U.S. EV registrations rose 69 percent, S&P Global Mobility said. Ford’s EV registrations rose 169 percent, Kia’s were up 172 percent and Toyota’s jumped 647 percent for its lone EV model, the bZ4X crossover.

Tesla has recently been focusing its marketing efforts on promoting support for Elon Musk’s extravagant compensation package rather than actively promoting its vehicles. However, it is unlikely that this is the sole issue affecting the company. Tesla has never heavily advertised its vehicles like traditional automakers. The real challenges for Tesla may stem from a history of subpar quality control and unexpected removal of features. As established automakers with robust supply chains, dealer networks, and service centers begin producing electric vehicles, we might witness a continuous decline in Tesla’s market share.


Q: Are EV sales declining overall?

A: No, the EV market as a whole is not experiencing a decline; the main issue lies with Tesla.

Q: What is the growth rate of non-Tesla EV sales?

A: Non-Tesla EV sales grew by an impressive 69 percent during a recent period.


Despite the challenges faced by Tesla, the overall EV market is not suffering. The growth in non-Tesla EV sales showcases a promising future for electric vehicles. As competition in the EV market increases, it will be interesting to see how Tesla adapts and whether it can maintain its dominant position.

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