July 25, 2024

Tesla Fanboy Finally Speaks Out Against Company After Two Broken Cybertrucks in Four Months

Tesla Cybertruck owners are willing to endure a lot in order to possess one of these enormous trucks. A devoted follower of the brand finally discovered a flaw in the truck’s design after his initial Cybertruck was replaced.

It’s evident that owning a Cybertruck means being deeply invested in the Tesla brand, but user @LamarMK is taking it to the extreme. Lamar proudly owns a Tesla Model Y according to his bio and added a Cybertruck to his collection in March. Just a couple of weeks after receiving the Cybertruck, it broke down on the roadside, displaying various error messages, as showcased on his YouTube channel.

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After managing to return home, Tesla service retrieved the truck to diagnose the issue. Lamar also highlighted other concerns he wanted addressed, such as a flawed windshield, a driver’s seat positioned too close to the console, and sagging headliner trim. Lamar’s response in the video was, “Stuff happens and we just have to work through it,” despite the unexpected breakdown of his six-figure electric pickup truck after just a fortnight of ownership. Strange acceptance of the situation, but okay.

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In April, while the truck remained in service, Lamar created another video with comical graphics, pleading “Help Me Elon!” Allegedly, Tesla service kept extending the duration of the truck’s service, followed by additional delays. He shared footage of the Cybertruck in the service center, mentioning that it was “completely disassembled” to determine the cause of the malfunction.

Screenshot: Lamar MK YouTube

After a couple of weeks, he received the supposedly “fixed” truck back. The issue, according to the service team, was a corroded ground wire for the AC, resulting in a complete shutdown of the truck’s high-voltage system. The remainder of the video captures his relief at the truck being repaired and expresses confidence that no further issues will arise, following a stop at a Supercharger for charging.

However, two minutes into the video, he questions the unusual noise from the truck post-charging, likening it to a gas engine. Further investigation into the service logs unveils a problem with the truck’s active shutters; they appear to be malfunctioning, failing to open adequately for cooling. Remarkably, this occurred on the same night he retrieved the truck from over a month of service. Frustrated, he requests a replacement truck, stating, “Hey, I love the company, I love the truck, it’s my dream truck. But just give me a new truck. Please.”

After a series of breakdowns, service visits, and online grievances, Tesla heard his plea. By the end of May, Tesla replaced his Cybertruck. Initially, things seemed to be going smoothly, and Lamar even had the Cybertruck wrapped. However, nearly two months into owning this second Cybertruck, it failed. The shared video depicts the truck losing power and locking up while charging. It was so incapacitated that he couldn’t even disconnect the charging cable or access the interior. This incident occurred four hours after his last drive. Despite reaching out to Tesla service for help, they informed him that no one was available to assist him at nearly midnight, leaving him to wait until morning to get the truck to the service center.

The following morning, a tow truck arrived to transport the immobilized truck. In a tweet featuring the truck on the flatbed, he mentioned that jump-starting it was impossible. Another tweet disclosed that even the technicians at the service center couldn’t access the truck when it arrived, necessitating the use of traditional tools to unlock it.

A surprising update emerged in a tweet, where Lamar revealed that technicians had to drill into the frunk to reach the manual release, prompting him to reconsider the engineering of his Wündertruck.

This isn’t merely subpar engineering; it could pose a severe threat if, for instance, a child got trapped in the frunk while the Cybertruck lost power. According to service, the issue is likely related to the 12-volt battery, but with the truck immobilized and locked, accessing the 12-volt battery in the frunk is impossible. However, it’s worth noting that the Cybertruckdoesn’t actually have a 12-volt battery.

Shortly after, Musk responded to the tweet, assuring that the company would resolve the issues with his truck. Following this, service managed to gain access to the truck. Lamar expressed relief, and service identified the problem as the truck’s VC left controller, which appeared to have something to do with the truck’s security system. Service assured that replacing the component should rectify the issue, which is reassuring but quite astonishing.

The ordeal endured by this individual with two nearly new Cybertrucks is astounding. In any other automotive company, such circumstances would be deemed unacceptable. However, somehow Tesla enthusiasts have convinced themselves that incidents like these are just part and parcel of owning the vehicle. If problems arise, they believe reaching out to Elon Musk will resolve everything.


Q: Why did the Cybertruck break down multiple times?

A: The Cybertruck experienced various technical issues, including a corroded ground wire and problems with the VC left controller.

Q: How did the owner react to the repeated breakdowns?

A: The owner expressed frustration and disappointment, ultimately requesting a replacement truck from Tesla.


Despite the challenges faced by the owner, his dedication to the Tesla brand remains unwavering. The incidents with the Cybertrucks shed light on the complexities of owning cutting-edge electric vehicles and the level of customer support expected from Tesla. The saga underscores the unique relationship between Tesla owners and the company, showcasing a mix of loyalty, frustration, and ultimately, perseverance.

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