July 21, 2024
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Suzuki remains open to the idea of transforming the Jimny into a small pickup truck

Suzuki teased what a pickup version of the current-generation Jimny could potentially look like with a nearly ready concept revealed in 2019. The lineup has expanded since then, with the introduction of a four-door Jimny variant, but a pickup truck version is still pending. However, Suzuki hints that this could change in the future.

“Anything that involves the Jimny typically leads to strong sales,” stated Michael Pachota, the general manager of Suzuki’s Australian branch, in an interview with Australian publication CarSales. “The [pickup] project is still alive and kicking.” He described it as “a Jimny with two seats and an empty rear end.” The idea of transforming this highly capable compact SUV into a pickup is not entirely new: a Suzuki dealer in New Zealand, Brendan Foot, offers a customized Jimny pickup called the Ute, featuring a flatbed with foldable sides.

It remains uncertain whether the Jimny pickup will resemble the 2019 concept or more closely resemble Brendan Foot’s Ute (as shown above). The primary distinction between the two lies in the cab design: the concept boasts a slightly longer cab compared to the Ute produced by the dealership. Pachota’s statements imply that the model will have two doors, suggesting that a crew-cab version is unlikely. CarSales speculates that it may revive the Mighty Boy moniker, last used on a diminutive, hatchback-based three-cylinder pickup produced from 1983 to 1988.

The robust demand for the Jimny is prompting company executives to invest further in the model. Sales in Australia have surged by over 50% in 2024, resulting in lengthy waiting lists for prospective buyers. For instance, those purchasing an automatic two-door model today might face an eight-month waiting period.

Looking forward, Suzuki is also preparing to introduce hybrid and electric editions of the Jimny to comply with emissions standards in key global markets. The hybrid variant is slated to arrive before the electric version. Meanwhile, the aftermarket sector continues to innovate. Recent years have seen the Jimny transformed into a Mercedes-Benz G-Class replica, a Ford Bronco doppelgänger, and a homage to the 1980s Lancia Delta rally car.


Will the Jimny pickup feature a crew-cab version? Based on current information, it is unlikely that the Jimny pickup will offer a crew-cab configuration.

When can we expect the hybrid and electric Jimny variants to be released? The hybrid version is anticipated to launch before the electric variant to comply with emissions regulations.


The potential introduction of a Jimny pickup demonstrates Suzuki’s commitment to expanding and diversifying its popular Jimny lineup. With strong demand and innovative aftermarket creations, the future looks promising for this compact yet capable SUV.

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