July 21, 2024

Stellantis highlights software and hands-free ADAS technology in upcoming 2025 models

It took some time, but Stellantis has finally introduced its advanced assisted driving features in this year’s Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L. These models offer Hands-free Active Driving Assist as an optional feature, allowing for hands-off driving, lane centering, and predictive slowing for corners on approved roads at any speed. This represents a significant advancement from the previous Active Driving Assist, which only worked up to 90 miles per hour and required hands-on control.

During Stellantis’ Investor Day, the company provided analysts with a glimpse of the advancements that Smart Cockpit and AutoDrive will bring to driver assistance. Central to this evolution is the STLA Brain, a powerful computing center capable of processing vast amounts of vehicle and sensor data to enhance the driving experience. This integration results in quicker response times and a more comfortable ride for occupants, even those more focused on screens than the road.

The STLA Brain serves as the foundation for the upcoming AutoDrive system, which aims to rival Ford’s BlueCruise and GM’s Super Cruise. Eventually, AutoDrive will progress to a full Level 3 autonomous system on approved roads. Stellantis is currently working on extending the duration between driver interventions from ten minutes to 40 minutes. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have also made strides in limited Level 3 autonomous systems, but Stellantis is set to launch AutoDrive for the 2025 model year in the U.S.

Additionally, Stellantis is introducing SmartCockpit, a comprehensive user experience and interface overhaul first showcased in the 2022 Chrysler Airflow concept.

Ned Curis, Stellantis’ chief engineering and technology officer, shared with investors that their software platforms—Brain, Cockpit, and STLA AutoDrive—will be ready for integration by the end of the year, with the first vehicles equipped with this technology expected next year.


Q: What is Hands-free Active Driving Assist?

A: Hands-free Active Driving Assist is an advanced driving feature that allows for hands-off driving, lane centering, and predictive slowing for corners on approved roads at any speed.

Q: When will Stellantis launch AutoDrive?

A: Stellantis is set to introduce AutoDrive for the 2025 model year in the U.S., offering a Level 3 autonomous driving experience on approved roads.


Stellantis is making significant strides in advanced driver assistance technology with the introduction of Hands-free Active Driving Assist and the upcoming AutoDrive system. These innovations aim to enhance driver convenience and safety on the road.

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