July 25, 2024

Stellantis Financial Services experienced a 243% growth in their portfolio in 2023.

Recently established Stellantis Financial Services led all captives in portfolio expansion on a percentage basis in 2023, fueled by robust leasing activity and dealers transferring their business to the captive financing division. SFS’ portfolio surged by 243.1% year over year in 2023 to reach $7 billion, based on an Auto Finance News analysis of the most recent data.


1. What contributed to Stellantis Financial Services’ significant portfolio growth in 2023?

2. How does SFS compare to other captives in terms of leasing volume?


Stellantis Financial Services has demonstrated remarkable growth in its portfolio in 2023, outpacing other captives in the industry. The strong performance can be attributed to a combination of increased leasing activity and the transfer of business from dealers to the captive financing arm.

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