July 14, 2024
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Spotted: Next-Gen BMW X5 featuring design elements inspired by the Neue Klasse

BMW appears poised to incorporate design elements from its “Neue Klasse” concepts throughout its entire lineup in the coming years. The X3, or potentially the iX3, is expected to be the first model to receive this updated styling. Following closely behind will likely be a new generation of the X5 and iX5, as indicated by recent spy photos that showcase similar design cues on a larger scale.

Upon closer inspection, it is evident that this prototype is larger than the previously seen X3 example. Variations in proportions such as increased spacing between the front wheel and windshield base, along with subtle differences in the wheel arch and door shut line, distinguish this model as a larger variant. The elongated rear quarter window and thinner D-pillar contribute to the overall sleeker appearance of the vehicle.

In line with the Neue Klasse design inspiration, the upcoming X5 will feature the distinctive wide and short kidney grille, integrated headlights within the kidney shapes, a flat hood line, and broad rear fenders. The horizontally-oriented taillights and unique door handles reminiscent of the concept designs add to the modern aesthetic of the vehicle.

BMW has announced plans for Neue Klasse platform vehicles to debut in 2025, with the X3 expected to lead the way. However, the advanced state of development seen in the X5 variant suggests a possible earlier release. Given the aging X5 lineup dating back to the 2019 model year, a 2026 launch could also be plausible. The range of potential variants includes gas, hybrid, and electric models, with the possibility of dropping the “i” prefix for the electric versions.


When will the Neue Klasse-inspired BMW models be introduced?
BMW is targeting a 2025 debut for vehicles utilizing the Neue Klasse platform and styling elements.

What design cues can we expect from the upcoming X5 model?
The X5 is set to feature the wide and short kidney grille, integrated headlights, flat hood line, and broad rear fenders, in line with the Neue Klasse design language.


The upcoming BMW X5, influenced by the Neue Klasse concepts, showcases a blend of modern design elements and advanced technology. With a potential release in the near future, it represents the next evolution in BMW’s lineup.

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