July 14, 2024

Software issues mar European launch of Volvo’s EX30 model, leading to refunds

Is the prevalence of software issues in electric vehicles becoming the norm? It seems so, with Volvo facing production delays for their flagship 2025 EX90 due to software problems. Buyers are now being informed that their EX90s may not be fully functional upon delivery, requiring over-the-air updates to restore expected functionality. The EX30 overseas is facing even more trouble, with software issues reminiscent of those experienced by Volkswagen and Chevy on launch.

According to Autocar, some of the glitches range from screens going black and steering-wheel buttons not responding to cars not charging and emergency braking systems randomly activating. Some customers have opted to return their cars to Volvo for full refunds.

The EX30 remains on sale, with Volvo in the UK directing online shoppers to the 2025 model launching on July 8. However, ordering of the EX30 has been disabled on the UK site for three months, as reported by a member on a UK forum for EX30 owners.

Despite the issues, the EX30 remains a popular model, with over 35,000 units sold in Europe through May, making it the third best-selling EV in the region after Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3.

While every new car may have hiccups, the primary issues with EVs often stem from software problems. Owners on forums praise the EX30’s build quality but point out various software-related issues. Volvo had to delay production of the EX30 to address these concerns, recalling every EX30 last month over a fault that could be fixed with an OTA update.


Q: Are there any ongoing software issues with Volvo’s EX30 and EX90 models?

A: Yes, both models have faced software-related problems leading to delays and recalls.


Volvo’s struggles with software issues in their electric vehicles highlight the challenges in this evolving industry. Despite these setbacks, the company is working to address the issues and ensure customer satisfaction.

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