July 25, 2024
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Small investors in Musk’s army celebrate the approval of his multibillion-dollar compensation package

Tesla shareholders greenlit CEO Elon Musk’s massive compensation package, signaling confidence in his leadership and providing motivation for him to remain focused on the company.

During the annual shareholder meeting in Austin, Texas, shareholders also approved relocating Tesla‘s legal headquarters to Texas from Delaware. The approval of various proposals, including the re-election of board members Kimbal Musk and James Murdoch, demonstrated shareholder support for the company.

Shareholders enhanced investor control by approving proposals to shorten board terms to one year and lower voting requirements for proposals to a simple majority.

Musk expressed optimism about the future, stating, “We’re not just opening a new chapter for Tesla, we’re starting a new book.”

The approved compensation package for Musk, valued at $44.9 billion, reflects the backing he enjoys from retail investors despite opposition from some institutional investors and proxy firms.

The approval also addresses concerns about Musk’s commitment to Tesla, as he has divided his attention between the company and his other ventures.

The backing from both retail investors and some large institutions demonstrates support for Musk’s leadership and the importance of ensuring the company’s future success.

Shareholder approval of the compensation package serves as a vote of confidence in Musk and a recognition of the risks associated with potentially losing his focus on Tesla.

Despite facing legal challenges related to the compensation package, Musk has garnered widespread support from small investors who see him as integral to Tesla‘s continued growth.


Q: Why did Tesla shareholders approve Elon Musk’s compensation package?

A: Shareholders believe in Musk’s leadership and want to ensure his continued focus on Tesla‘s success.

Q: What was the total value of Elon Musk’s compensation package?

A: The package was valued at $44.9 billion.

Q: How did retail investors contribute to the approval of the compensation package?

A: Retail investors played a significant role in supporting Musk’s compensation package through active voting and social media campaigns.

Shareholder approval of Elon Musk’s compensation package highlights the confidence in his leadership and the commitment to Tesla‘s future success. Despite challenges and opposition, Musk’s ability to rally support from both retail investors and institutional shareholders showcases the strength of his position within the company.

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