July 21, 2024

Showroom visits remain a top priority for more than 75% of car buyers

A majority of car buyers (76%) still find showroom visits essential in their purchasing decision, despite the digital shift in the automotive industry, according to recent research by Omoda.

Omoda’s research highlighted the enduring relevance of physical showrooms in the car buying process.

The study revealed that test drives remain a crucial aspect for buyers, with 64% expressing a desire for a hands-on experience with the vehicle before making a purchase.

Additionally, 43% of UK car buyers prioritize sales staff with extensive knowledge, especially when considering electric vehicles (EVs).

Furthermore, 24% of respondents emphasized the importance of discussing local charging infrastructure with an expert.

However, 61% of the respondents identified pressure from sales staff in showrooms as their top dislike, followed by feeling rushed at 47% and encountering hidden costs at 46%.

Looking ahead, approximately 40% of those surveyed showed interest in virtual test drives being available in showrooms.

Moreover, over half (52%) of the respondents expressed a desire for interactive digital displays, while 48% favored tech support areas.

The idea of AI or robot sales assistants intrigued over 22% of the respondents, while 60% saw the benefit of in-showroom training on car technology.

Interestingly, the research also found that 20% of UK car buyers would trust a virtual test drive.

Omoda highlighted that when it comes to preferred virtual test drive environments, 72% opted for off-road, 65% on a racetrack, and 48% along a beach. Approximately 14% of respondents even expressed a desire to test drive a car on Mars.

Omoda & Jaecoo UK executive vice president Victor Zhang stated: “Our 2035 future showroom will be an experiential hub offering immersive, customized, and enjoyable customer journeys.

“The showroom isn’t just transactional, it’s a place for customers to learn about the vehicle in a way that suits them. With our vehicles offering an increasing amount of technology, education is a huge part of the retail experience.”

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