July 14, 2024

Safety issues on the rise for daily rental vehicles, according to AFP

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) in the UK has expressed concerns regarding the increasing safety issues with daily rental vehicles provided to fleets in the UK.  

Reports received by the organisation, a not-for-profit body supporting the corporate fleet industry, indicate that hire cars and vans are being delivered in unacceptable mechanical conditions. 

This observed pattern suggests a decline in vehicle maintenance standards, as highlighted by the AFP. 

AFP chair Paul Hollick disclosed that the issue was brought to attention by the Mega Fleets Committee, responsible for addressing issues affecting large fleets within the AFP. 

Hollick stated: “We have observed hire vehicles being delivered to fleets in a non-roadworthy state.” 

Members of the AFP have encountered hire vehicles with various outstanding fault codes, indicating inadequate long-term maintenance practices.  

Moreover, some vehicles are being delivered with immediate and easily identifiable issues.  

The fleet industry is alarmed by this trend, as it could jeopardize the safety and reliability of the vehicles in use. 

Additionally, the AFP noted significant changes in the business models of daily rental companies in recent years.  

These changes may contribute to the challenges faced by rental companies in managing vehicle maintenance logistics.  

Issues such as the speed of delivery and collection, as well as the rotation of vehicles on hire, pose particular challenges that may impact fleet upkeep. 

Hollick mentioned: “Following the pandemic, many companies engaged in extensive disposal programs but faced a surge in demand as working practices returned to normal. Due to production shortages, they resorted to purchasing vehicles from various sources, including used vehicles.” 

“Many of the cars and vans seen in daily rental fleets are older models, which could explain the emerging concerns about their condition.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are hire vehicles being delivered in poor condition?

A: Hire vehicles are being delivered in poor condition due to potential decline in maintenance standards and changes in rental companies’ business models.

Q: How can fleet safety be ensured despite these challenges?

A: Fleet safety can be ensured by conducting regular maintenance checks and addressing issues promptly to maintain roadworthy vehicles.


In conclusion, the AFP’s concerns about the safety issues with daily rental vehicles highlight the importance of maintaining high standards in vehicle maintenance. Addressing these challenges and ensuring roadworthy vehicles are essential for fleet safety and reliability.

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