July 14, 2024

Robert Wickens May Have Limited Use of His Legs, but His Fighting Spirit is Unstoppable

Image: Formula E

When Robert Wickens collided with the wall in the Pocono IndyCar race during 2018, the Canadian driver sustained a spinal injury that not only affected his ability to walk but also to race. He made a remarkable comeback by 2022, returning to full-time racing with Bryan Herta Autosport in IMSA’s TCR class, utilizing specially adapted hand controls. In 2023, he clinched the season championship. Despite the extended duration he spent away from the cockpit, totaling 2,141 days, he recently conducted a test with a hand-controlled Formula E chassis during the Portland E-Prix weekend. Robert Wickens exemplifies true resilience and determination in the world of racing.

Robert Wickens back behind the wheel of an open-wheel car! 🤩 | The Canadian racer test drives a Formula E GEN3 car

At 35 years old, Wickens is still eyeing the opportunity to return to open-wheel racing. Following the recent test, he gained insights into what adjustments need to be made for him to achieve this goal. Currently, the steering ratio of the Formula E car restricts his ability to apply rapid throttle at full steering lock, and he faces challenges in gripping the wheel adequately due to his fingers being engaged in throttle and brake control.

Reflecting on his inaugural Formula E experience, Wickens expressed, “Although it was only a few laps, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it left me yearning for more. Hopefully, this will lead to additional opportunities in the future, including a rookie test. I believe my immediate goal now is to secure a spot on the Formula E grid down the line.”

Robert Wickens’ perseverance and resolve to reclaim his position in open-wheel racing despite the formidable obstacle he faced is nothing short of legendary. He had the potential to be a champion in elite open-wheel racing categories, challenging the best in IndyCar (even F1) if not for the unfortunate accident. Witnessing him return to pilot one of the FIA’s top-tier series cars is truly awe-inspiring.

The possibility of seeing the 2018 Indy 500 Rookie Of The Year back in the 500 race is incredibly exciting. Wickens is actively working towards this goal, and it’s evident that he is deserving of another opportunity.

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