July 25, 2024
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Reviewing the Maserati Tridente by Vita Power First on a Cruise: A Day on Aquablog

LAKE MAGGIORE, Italy — Maserati’s Trident logo draws inspiration from the famous fountain of Neptune in Bologna, where the automaker originated in 1914. The symbol denotes mastery over the water, fitting for the all-electric motorboat that gracefully navigates Italy’s Lake Maggiore.

Inviting us to embark, the Tridente is a luxurious 10.5-meter superyacht tender, designed to transport passengers to larger vessels. It is also perfect for elegant solo cruises on lakes or coastal waters, boasting a range of approximately 50 to 70 kilometers (31 to 43 miles).

The collaboration between Maserati and Vita Power, a marine technology company founded in 2017, showcases a rapid DC charging system claimed to be a first in the industry. Vita has been establishing charging infrastructure in key locations such as the French Riviera, San Francisco Bay, New York, and Lake Maggiore, located about an hour north of Milan.

Boarding the Tridente, we notice the Trident logo adorning the deck, made from ribbed composite. The motorboat features a carbon-fiber hull, keeping its total weight around 5 tons. With a 250-kilowatt-hour battery pack, the Tridente weighs more than a conventional ICE-powered boat, much like a Hummer EV.

Setting off towards Isola Bella, an island housing a 17th-century palazzo and a magnificent Italian garden, we experience the quiet operation of the electric motorboat. There is no smell of diesel or gasoline, no noise from an ICE powertrain, and no environmental harm caused by petroleum spills.

The Tridente, with its twin-prop setup and proprietary control software, offers between 100 and 600 horsepower. Vita Power claims rapid charging times, with 10-80% charge achievable in less than an hour at over 200 kilowatts. Shore power availability in marinas worldwide ensures easy recharging while docked.

The sleek hull cruises smoothly at around 28 knots, reaching a maximum of 40 knots. The electric motors operate silently, offering a serene boating experience. The Tridente boasts amenities such as a swim deck, main chairs that can pivot for conversation, a cabin with a toilet and shower, and a built-in fridge.

Vita Power designed the powertrain, while Hodgdon Yachts, a Maine-based shipbuilder with over 200 years of experience, crafted the Tridente. Priced at approximately $2.7 million, the Tridente is a small investment for those who own superyachts.


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The Maserati Tridente electric motorboat offers a luxurious and eco-friendly cruising experience on the water. With advanced technology and elegant design, it represents a new era of sustainable marine transport.

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