July 25, 2024

Registrations of RVs in North America decrease by 16%

North American retail recreational vehicle registrations and shipments are reverting to normal patterns as registrations decrease from pandemic peaks but still show a sequential increase due to stabilizing demand. Monika Geraci, RVIA’s director of public relations and communications, explained that shipments and registrations typically fluctuate in a cyclical manner.


What are some factors influencing the fluctuations in RV registrations and shipments?

Some factors include economic conditions, seasonality, and consumer preferences.

Are there any projections for future trends in the RV industry?

While it is difficult to predict with certainty, experts anticipate continued growth in the RV industry as travel trends evolve.


In conclusion, the RV industry is seeing a return to more typical patterns in registrations and shipments, following the disruptions caused by the pandemic. As demand normalizes, the industry is expected to continue its cyclical fluctuations in the coming months.

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