July 21, 2024

Rear Wheels Locked, Tesla Cybertruck Unexpectedly Accelerates Into Home

Photo: @bfreshwa / X

A new Tesla Cybertruck owner had a different issue: an inactive throttle. He posted on Twitter to express his worries about the flaw and the manufacturer’s lack of response earlier this month. It should be noted that this issue is not related to the slick pedal pad that would get stuck in the footwell and press the throttle down — in this case, the truck’s brake did not disengage the accelerator, resulting in the truck colliding with a house.

Twitter user @bfreshwa alleges that his stainless-steel-clad vehicle suddenly accelerated after only 4 hours on the road. In surveillance footage, the impractical pickup sped up a hill into a neighbor’s house with the rear wheels completely locked. The owner mentioned that the throttle and steering were not responsive as he pressed the brake pedal to the floor, leaving behind a pair of 50-foot-long skid marks. The owner reported that a representative from Tesla mentioned during a phone call:

“We have examined the logs and due to the terrain, the accelerator may or may not deactivate when the brake is pressed. As for the back tire locking, we are investigating.”

Tesla advised the owner to contact his insurance company to cover the costs of the damage. The exact cause of the issue with the Cybertruck this time is not clear, but it has been problematic since its launch. The slippery accelerator was the most significant issue because it could not be fixed with an over the air update, necessitating a stop-sale and a recall of all vehicles. Residue from production was the culprit of the problem.

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