July 25, 2024
Car Maintenance

Ram and Porsche lead in J.D. Power quality survey as EVs fall short

One of the most popular talking points from advocates of electric vehicles is that they require less upkeep and are more cost-effective to operate than traditional gas-powered vehicles. The 2024 Initial Quality Study conducted by J.D. Power suggests that this may not be entirely accurate, as EV owners reported a higher number of issues compared to their gas-powered counterparts.

Vehicles are rated based on the number of problems per 100 units (PP100). This year, gas and diesel vehicles had an average of 180 PP100, while EVs and PHEVs had an average of 266 PP100. Even Tesla, a prominent player in the EV market, did not perform well in this year’s study, with reports of issues such as malfunctioning turn signals and wiper controls from its customers.

Ram was rated as the top brand overall for initial quality, with Porsche claiming the top spot among luxury brands.

Electric vehicles often come equipped with more advanced technological features than their gas counterparts, which can lead to a more complex ownership experience. EVs reported a higher number of in-vehicle technology issues compared to gas vehicles, with 30% more problems related to controls, infotainment, and other tech features.

Both gas and electric vehicle owners faced challenges with certain issues. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sometimes triggered false alerts, causing annoyance and unnecessary stress for drivers. Rear-seat reminders, designed to prompt checks for passengers or items in the back seat, added 1.7 PP100 to vehicle scores in the survey. Some owners misunderstood the reminders, mistaking them for reminders about seatbelt usage.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, popular features in new vehicles, were among the top 10 issues reported by owners. Many users encountered difficulties with connecting their phones or maintaining a connection, which posed a significant problem given the high usage rates of these technologies among Apple and Samsung users.

While the survey indicates that EVs are not without their challenges, it does not necessarily attribute these issues to the electric powertrain itself. Automakers tend to incorporate cutting-edge technology and futuristic design elements in electric models, which can contribute to a more complex ownership experience. While the trend towards electric vehicles continues to grow, J.D. Power’s study suggests that automakers may benefit from approaching this transition with caution.


Q: Are electric vehicles really more cost-effective to maintain than gas vehicles?

A: While this is a common belief, the 2024 Initial Quality Study by J.D. Power suggests that EV owners may actually face more maintenance issues than gas vehicle owners.


Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles, the latest study on initial quality from J.D. Power highlights some challenges that EV owners may encounter. As automakers continue to push the boundaries with advanced technologies and design elements in electric models, it is important to address these issues to ensure a positive ownership experience for consumers.

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