July 21, 2024

Purchase a Sleek Tesla Cybertruck If You Want to Be Universally Disliked

The Tesla Cybertruck is arguably the most attention-grabbing vehicle currently in the market with its unconventional design and stainless steel exterior, but what if you desired something even more conspicuous (in a negative way)? Well, now is your opportunity to do just that, because I’ve just come across the most eye-catching Cybertruck to date. Up for sale in Lincoln, Nebraska is a fully polished Cybertruck. Who would have thought Nebraska could be the epicenter of audacity?

In any case, this Cybertruck – resembling one of those passive houses featured on the show “The Curse,” – is currently priced at a staggering $149,999 at Concierge Motors in Nebraska. Not only does it feature the polished finish to make it stand out, but the truck with 1,500 miles on it also comes equipped with 24-inch GPC V1 wheels paired with 35-inch tires, as per the listing. I must admit, those do look rather impressive. Nonetheless, this gleaming monstrosity is sure to attract a lot of attention for the buyer, if that’s what they seek.

To be frank, it’s uncertain whether this truck will attract a lot of attention purely due to the fact that it will be exceedingly difficult to spot. With a reflective surface like this, the Cybertruck is bound to blend – in a rather dangerous manner – into its surroundings. On the flip side, because of its intense shine, it could end up causing temporary blindness to onlookers. Not exactly ideal for matters concerning “safety,” but then again, how concerned are Cybertruck owners about the safety of those around them?

This isn’t the first polished Cybertruck on the streets. Earlier this month, another polished Cybertruck emerged in Joplin, Missouri. I highly doubt these are the same trucks. Here’s more from Business Insider regarding the process of polishing an entire truck:

Tyson Garvin, a boating enthusiast from Joplin, Missouri, was determined to polish his Cybertruck from the moment he preordered it nearly five years ago.

“When we ordered it on Tesla’s announcement day, I knew I was going to polish it that day,” Garvin revealed in an interview with Business Insider.


“I didn’t like it when I first got it,” he admitted. “It was actually very dirty when I picked it up. It was a very bad delivery experience. And just the look of it — the dull stainless steel isn’t evenly brushed.”

That’s when Garvin sought assistance from Brylee Waits over in Neosho, Missouri, just south of Joplin.


“I wouldn’t say it was the hardest project,” Waits mentioned. “I guess it was a tough project simply because it’s never been done before.”

Overall, Waits estimated that the project took around a week and 120 hours of work with the help of three other employees.

Garvin considers this to be a significant upgrade for his truck – not only in terms of appearance but functionality as well.

“It doesn’t have all the porous stainless steel that holds all the oil from your fingerprints,” he noted, mentioning that bugs and dirt also made the truck difficult to clean.

However, with the polishing job, Garvin stated that the vehicle became much easier to maintain.

“The more you clean it, the shinier it gets,” Garvin remarked.

Since Garvin posted his Cybertruck online, Waits has received over 60 requests for polishing Cybertrucks and currently has several awaiting the same treatment.

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Polishing a Cybertruck is akin to the 2024 version of individuals “murdering out” their Hummer H2s before the Great Recession. It might be trendy to a select few at present, but in 15 years, we’ll likely look back and question the societal circumstances that allowed this phenomenon to occur.

**FAQ Section**

**Q: Are there any other unique modifications on this polished Cybertruck?**
A: Yes, in addition to the polished finish, the truck also features 24-inch GPC V1 wheels wrapped in 35-inch tires for a distinctive look.

**Q: How difficult is it to maintain a polished Cybertruck?**
A: Maintaining a polished Cybertruck is reported to be easier than cleaning one with a dull stainless steel finish, as the shiny surface is said to require less effort to keep clean.

**Q: Who is responsible for the polishing of these Cybertrucks?**
A: The polishing of these Cybertrucks is typically carried out by professionals like Brylee Waits, who have experience in this unique customization process.


The trend of polishing Cybertrucks to a mirror-like finish is gaining traction among enthusiasts, despite its divisive nature. While some may find the shiny exterior appealing, others question the practicality and safety implications of such modifications. Only time will tell if this trend will endure or fade into obscurity, leaving us to reflect on the whims of automotive customization trends.

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