July 25, 2024
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Porsche announces timeline for electric vehicles and discontinuation of Macan and 718 combustion lines.

FRANKFURT — Porsche is maintaining its commitment to transitioning some models to electric vehicles, despite a recent downturn in demand for battery-powered cars, according to the carmaker’s head of production in an interview with Automobilwoche magazine.

Albrecht Reimold, a member of Porsche’s executive board, stated that the petrol-driven variant of the SUV model Macan for markets outside of Europe will cease production by 2026.

“The current platform has reached the end of its life cycle,” Reimold explained.

A Porsche spokesperson clarified that a previous report by Automobilwoche suggesting a hastened transition was inaccurate.

Following the discontinuation of petrol-powered Macan models, the company plans to shift its focus towards electric versions to further its sustainability objectives, despite a recent dip in overall demand for electric vehicles, as stated by Reimold.

“I am not basing the success of the electric Macan solely on one metric,” Reimold reiterated.

Production of combustion engine Boxster and Cayman sportscars, part of the 718 model range, will cease next year, with the company already concentrating on the launch of electric models in the same period, Reimold announced.

Petrol-powered versions of the 718 and Macan models for European markets have already been phased out.


Q: When will the petrol-driven Macan models for non-European markets cease production?

A: The petrol-driven Macan models will no longer be produced beyond 2026.


Porsche remains committed to transitioning certain models to electric variants, despite challenges in the current market. The company’s focus on sustainability and future electric offerings demonstrates its dedication to innovation and progress in the automotive industry.

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