July 21, 2024

Passengers on LA Bus Attacked with Fireworks During Street Takeover

Gif: KTLA/Onscene.tv YouTube

Street takeovers continue to be a major issue in the Los Angeles region, despite authorities requesting public assistance to combat them and implementing laws aimed at deterring participation. These takeovers are escalating, shifting from car drifting shows to acts of property damage. As reported by KTLA, a recent incident involved an LA Metro bus being targeted with fireworks and graffiti during a street takeover event.

The incident occurred around 3 am in downtown LA, where approximately 50 vehicles took control of an intersection. Despite multiple calls to the LAPD about the takeover, law enforcement did not arrive in time, and no arrests were made. During the event, the Metro bus with passengers onboard was subjected to fireworks and graffiti, as described by KTLA.

The bus driver informed OnScene.TV that individuals at the street takeover targeted the bus with fireworks, leaving it vandalized with graffiti.

Video footage also showed graffiti on a nearby building.

The perpetrators did not stop at the bus and building. According to KTLA, OnScene.TV reported that a group then attempted to break into a local Starbucks before law enforcement intervention dispersed them.

This incident marked the second takeover in the area within a week. Just over a mile from the bus vandalism, another incident occurred on June 29th, where two vehicles were set ablaze in an intersection. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but disappointingly, no arrests were made.


Q: How can the community help prevent street takeovers?
A: Community members can report suspicious activity to law enforcement, avoid participating in or supporting such events, and educate others about the dangers and consequences of street takeovers.

Q: Are there penalties for individuals involved in street takeovers?
A: Yes, there are legal consequences for those engaged in street takeovers, including potential fines, imprisonment, and damage restitution.


The rise of street takeovers in Los Angeles is a concerning trend, reflecting a disregard for public safety and property. It is crucial for law enforcement and the community to work together to address and deter these dangerous activities effectively.

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