July 14, 2024

Now is the Perfect Time to Start Working on Your Neglected Project Car

Screenshot: Big Time on YouTube

What is the current time? It’s time for a reality check. We’re already in the middle of summer and you still have a project on jack stands sitting idle in the garage that you should have been working on instead of enjoying the beach or lounging on your couch with a beer while watching the Dragon show on Max. I’m not trying to avoid the topic, I’m addressing you directly. Or perhaps I’m referring to former Donut Media mechanic Zach Jobe, who has been staring at this engineless Nissan 240SX in his driveway for four years. It’s time to take action.

Zach and his Donut colleague Jeremiah Burton have recently ventured out on their own to launch a new YouTube channel dedicated to fixing cars, and I have never subscribed to anything so quickly. These guys have been working on interesting (and sometimes questionable) projects at Donut for a while, and with the recent changes in the automotive media landscape, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The new channel, called Big Time, features the duo fixing cars in a regular two-car garage in Southern California. It’s authentic and worth watching.

Fixing my Abandoned Project Car – BIGTIME

Some of us, without giving names, own too many cars and lack the time to complete the necessary projects to get them back on the road. I’m gradually working through my collection, but it’s challenging to find the time, space, and finances to work on all of them simultaneously. With a YouTube channel to manage, these individuals needed compelling projects that would attract viewers. Instead of following the Donut approach of pouring money into projects and potentially making them worse, they are utilizing proven methods to build cars that people would genuinely enjoy driving. The idea of having an RB-powered Nissan 240 drift car sounds exhilarating.

“I aimed to demonstrate that you can assemble a reliable 400 horsepower RB25 in your garage without the need for a machine shop,” Jobe stated while installing a new Garrett turbo on his engine. To that, I say, absolutely, these guys are awesome.

After work, pick up a wrench and work on your project car. It deserves your attention.


Q: How long has the project car been abandoned?

A: The project car, a Nissan 240SX, has been sitting engineless in the driveway for four years.

Q: What is the name of the new YouTube channel?

A: The new YouTube channel is called Big Time, featuring Zach Jobe and Jeremiah Burton fixing cars in a suburban garage.

Q: What is the main focus of the new channel?

A: The channel focuses on authentic car projects using practical methods and building cars that viewers would enjoy driving.


Take inspiration from Zach and Jeremiah and dedicate some time to your neglected project car. With determination and effort, you can bring your car back to life and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Get started today!

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