July 21, 2024

New VWFS Fleet Tool Aims to Boost Electric Vehicle Adoption

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) fleet has introduced a tool to assist drivers in incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into their everyday routines. This initiative is aimed at promoting EV adoption among businesses, in line with the ZEV mandate and the 2035 ban on new internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

The free EV4ME online tool, as mentioned in a press release, helps drivers grasp the experience of owning an EV and find the most suitable model for their requirements. It takes into account factors like daily commute distance, charging infrastructure availability, and home environment to suggest an appropriate EV model. By responding to simple inquiries about driving habits and charging facilities, users receive personalized recommendations through the tool’s smart algorithm, which determines the suitable range category based on their needs.

Once the optimal range category is identified, EV4ME connects users to VWFS Fleet’s extensive EV Directory. This platform enables drivers to explore specific EV models, compare essential performance data such as real-world mileage range and charging times, and review other technical specifications.

James Fields-Davis, Head of Fleet Development at VWFS Fleet, stated: “With the increasing pace of EV adoption, it’s crucial for businesses transitioning their fleets to ensure driver acceptance of the shift. The new EV4ME assists in achieving exactly that, ensuring drivers can easily pinpoint the right vehicle for their unique driving patterns – both work-related and personal.”

“As a pioneering tool in the car leasing sector, EV4ME now offers a simple and accessible approach for prospective EV drivers to gauge the feasibility of living with an EV. It also aids in focusing their choice on the most suitable EV model by facilitating informed comparisons across different options.”

“Amidst the array of available models, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but this tool aids drivers in selecting the optimal EV solution for their individual requirements, equipping them with essential facts and figures from a single source.”

“Additionally, the tool helps fleet operators better support drivers who may be uncertain about where to begin when making such a significant decision.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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The EV4ME tool introduced by Volkswagen Financial Services Fleet is a valuable resource for drivers and businesses looking to transition to electric vehicles. By offering personalized recommendations and access to a comprehensive EV Directory, the tool simplifies the process of selecting the most suitable EV model based on individual needs and preferences.

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