July 14, 2024
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New concept car Genesis X Gran Racer VGT revealed for Gran Turismo

Genesis, a brand owned by Hyundai, has unveiled a new supercar concept designed for the popular video game Gran Turismo. The X Gran Racer VGT was introduced at the 2024 Busan International Mobility Show in South Korea, showcasing a virtual high-performance vehicle with a striking orange paint job, part of the brand’s Magma range of performance cars.

This sleek coupe follows in the footsteps of the X Gran Berlinetta, featuring a more aggressive body kit with a larger front splitter, new side skirts, a massive rear wing, and an air diffuser. While the X Gran Berlinetta could be street-legal, the X Gran Racer VGT is designed for track use.

Inside, both cars share a similar cabin layout, but the Gran Racer includes carbon fiber trim, a racing steering wheel with three dials, and a center console with toggle switches. Additionally, Genesis has added a fully integrated roll cage and reinforced crossbeams in the doors.

Powering the X Gran Racer VGT is a gasoline-electric hybrid system, featuring a front-mid-mounted V6 engine with an electric supercharger and a front-mounted electric motor. With a total output of 1,540 horsepower and 1,051 pound-feet of torque, this concept is significantly more powerful than its predecessor.

Genesis has announced that the X Gran Racer VGT will be featured in a Gran Turismo game, though a release date has not been revealed yet.


Q: Will the X Gran Racer VGT be available for purchase in the real world?

A: No, this concept is designed exclusively for virtual racing in Gran Turismo.


The Genesis X Gran Racer VGT is a cutting-edge virtual concept car that showcases the brand’s commitment to high-performance and innovation in the digital realm. With its striking design and impressive powertrain, this supercar is sure to excite gamers and car enthusiasts alike.

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