July 14, 2024

NASA Shocks Public with Audio of Astronaut Experiencing Simulated Decompression Sickness

Photo: NASA

NASA confirmed that audio from a simulation channel dedicated to dealing with disaster scenarios was mistakenly broadcast on its YouTube channel. The audio indicated that an astronaut was in distress aboard the International Space Station with a slim chance of survival, a frightening situation for fans following the feed.

NASA accidentely broadcasts space station medical emergency drill – Hear it here!

The video showcased a female flight surgeon in the Solar System’s most nerve-wracking conference call. She appeared to guide the crew of the ISS through a crisis where the station’s commander was suffering from decompression sickness, commonly known as the bends. Although typically encountered by underwater divers resurfacing, astronauts returning from spacewalks can also experience it. She strongly advised the crew to place the commander in his spacesuit for emergency treatment in preparation for evacuation back to Earth.

Fortunately, the space agency verified that no emergency situation had occurred. All crew members were well and secure during their designated rest period. NASA clarified that audio from an ongoing training simulation had mistakenly been sent to the YouTube broadcast.

Despite this, not everything has been smooth aboard the ISS. The initial crewed Boeing Starliner mission to the station was postponed due to a helium leak on the spacecraft. Additional helium leaks arose when it eventually reached orbit last week. Furthermore, the Starliner’s first attempt to dock with the station had to be canceled due to malfunctioning reaction-control thrusters. NASA should be prepared in case of any serious issues with the Starliner.

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