July 21, 2024

More drivers are seeking new car insurance policies because of rising rates

Car insurance premiums are on the rise, prompting vehicle owners to take action. A recent study conducted by LexisNexis revealed a trend of more people actively shopping for new car insurance policies to save money and obtain better coverage options.

According to the study, over 40% of insured drivers sought out new insurance policies in 2023, marking a nearly 5% increase from the previous year. While reduced advertising expenditure by insurers may have played a role, the primary motivation behind this shift is the desire to cut costs and secure improved coverage.

This trend presents challenges for insurance companies, even those acquiring more customers than they lose. The rise in multi-generational households, formed to reduce expenses, has led to an increase in the number of drivers covered under each policy and a decrease in new policy enrollments. This shift not only poses potential revenue loss but also raises concerns about overlooking risk factors associated with multi-driver households.

As a result of heightened policy shopping, insurers have witnessed a decline in customer retention rates, with average renewals dropping from 83% to 80%. The customers most likely to switch between coverage options are those with clean driving records and low-risk profiles, leaving insurers with a pool of higher-risk drivers to insure. To mitigate this risk, LexisNexis recommends that insurers prioritize pricing and satisfaction for lower-risk policyholders.

For those contemplating a switch in insurance providers, conducting thorough research beforehand is essential. Evaluate your current deductible, coverage limits, and benefits before making a decision. Saving a few dollars on premiums is not worthwhile if it means accepting a higher deductible or reduced coverage options in the event of an accident.



Q: Should I switch insurance companies solely based on cost savings?

A: While saving money is important, consider all aspects of the policy including coverage limits, deductibles, and benefits before making a switch.

Q: How can I ensure I am getting the best deal on car insurance?

A: Compare quotes from multiple providers, review coverage options, and inquire about any available discounts to make an informed decision.


As insurance rates continue to climb, consumers are actively seeking better deals and coverage options. Insurers must adapt to this shifting landscape by prioritizing pricing and customer satisfaction for all policyholders. Before making a switch, it is crucial to thoroughly evaluate your current policy to ensure that any potential savings do not compromise your coverage needs in the long run.

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