July 21, 2024
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Michigan reduces incentives for Ford’s EV battery plant due to decreased production levels



Ford Motor has received a reduced incentive package from the state of Michigan for its battery plant in Marshall. The automaker adjusted its expected production at the facility to align with current demand for electric vehicles, leading to a decrease in the incentive amount.

The plant, located in Marshall, is being constructed by Ford and will utilize technology from China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) to produce low-cost lithium-iron batteries. The Michigan Strategic Fund has approved a maximum incentive of $409 million for the project, down from the initial $1.03 billion.

In November, Ford announced a reduction in expected battery production capacity at the plant from 35 gigawatt hours to 20 gigawatt hours, along with a decrease in employee numbers from 2,500 to 1,700. This decision was made in response to lower-than-anticipated demand for electric vehicles.

Despite criticism from some politicians regarding the use of Chinese technology in the plant, Ford remains committed to the project. The company emphasizes that the facility will create thousands of jobs in the United States.

Ford’s director of state and local government affairs, Tony Reinhart, stated that the company is adjusting its manufacturing operations to align with changing customer demand. The Michigan Strategic Fund board has accordingly revised its incentive offers.

Michigan also adjusted incentives for another Ford investment project announced in June 2022, which aimed to create new unionized jobs in the Midwest. The company modified its plans in January, including scaling back production at the F-150 Lightning electric pickup plant and expanding production at an assembly plant for gasoline-powered vehicles.

The state of Michigan retracted a $100 million grant intended for the Lightning plant.



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Despite challenges and adjustments in production plans, Ford remains dedicated to its battery plant project in Michigan. The company’s decision to align production with customer demand reflects its commitment to sustainability and efficiency in the electric vehicle market.

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