July 25, 2024
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McLaren may seek BMW’s support to break into SUV market

McLaren’s upcoming SUV project, internally known as a “shared performance vehicle,” is in the early stages of development. The British automaker is considering collaborating with BMW to enter the SUV segment.

The specific details of the project, including the body style with two or four doors, are still under discussion. McLaren’s CEO has hinted at the possibility of using a platform from another carmaker instead of creating one from scratch, leading to speculation that BMW’s CLAR platform could be a potential option due to its modular nature.

Powertrain details and platform choices are closely linked, with the possibility of an electric SUV using a platform from a partner in Southeast Asia. However, McLaren currently sees limited market interest in an electric SUV priced around $500,000, though this may change as battery technology advances in the future.

The goal for McLaren’s SUV is not just to create a re-skinned version of an existing model but to develop a unique vehicle that embodies the driving characteristics and performance expected from the brand. This aligns more with a high-end model like the Ferrari Purosangue rather than a mass-market SUV like the Lamborghini Urus.

The timeline for McLaren’s SUV project aims to secure a platform by the end of 2024, while the brand continues to focus on delivering other models like the Artura Spider and potentially a successor to the P1 hypercar.


What is McLaren’s upcoming SUV project? McLaren is developing an SUV known internally as a “shared performance vehicle,” with potential collaboration with BMW.

When is McLaren aiming to secure a platform for its SUV? The goal is to find a platform by the end of 2024 for the SUV project.


McLaren’s foray into the SUV segment with a unique and performance-focused model is an exciting development for the brand. By considering collaborations and platform options carefully, McLaren aims to create a distinct SUV that upholds its reputation for high-performance vehicles.

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